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Face ReadingCall Us:+91 9920601033


Human face is one of the most unique feature. A trained face reader can interpret each and every facial feature and lines of a personand accurately predict the personality traits about that person.

The facial features reflect the person's history, mental attitudes, emotional style, verbal communication skills, etc.

With the help of face reading you can excel in many fields of life like personal relationships, sales management, business, etc.

Gaauri provides a very ethical face reading sessions, in which she helps the person to understand their positive personality traits and to over come their negative personality traits. Gaauri also conducts classes for Face Reading. A huge number of clients have benefited from her Face Reading sessions.

Click here to Contact her for Ethical Consultation and for details on Seminars and Classes on Vaastu, Face Reading, Tarot, Numerology, Graphology, Shankh Vaastu, Face Reading, Su-Jok & Dowsing.

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