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Graphology is the scientific study and analysis of handwriting which depictes a person's personality. It may open the ways to many unexplored areas for anyone. Handwriting must be studied taking into consideration the size and slant of letters,word spacing, line spacing the way zones are used, pressure and margins applied.

Graphology is claimed to be useful for everything from understanding personality, health issues, morality and past experiences to hidden talents and mental problems.

There are a variety of techniques used by graphologists such as the pressure exerted on the page, spacing of words and letters, crossed t's, dotted i's, size, slant, speed and consistency of writing.

Many businesses today, are seeking the help of Graphologists in accessing the personality and personal traits of the employees, based on their handwritings.

Gauuri has the expertise and experience to successfully predicts one's personality and personal traits on the basis of their handwriting. Many individuals, businessman, eminent film personalities, corporates, etc. have got their handwritings or the handwritings of their employees analyzed, and have incorporated the changes as recommended by Gauuri, for improving their professional and personal lives.

Send your handwriting (at least 25 lines), through email, for free basic handwriting analysis.

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