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Chaldean Numerology

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Numerology is a predictable science, like Astrology. It is simpler than Astrology. Numerology is the study of the occult meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. Numerology is a complex arithmetic system that reveals your character, personality, and experience through the reasonable progression of numbers. The two important things that are needed for Numerological predictions are the person's Date of Birth and Name.

There are four important numbers in Numerology:

  • Psychic Number

  • Astrological Number

  • Destiny Number

  • Name Number

Numerology provides a complete personality lifestyle profile when we apply the meaning of individual numbers to our birth name and birth date.

Your name and your birth date are the data base from which a numerologist is able to describe you. Number values are assigned to the letters in your name. By adding these --with the numbers in your birth date-- in a multitude of combinations, a numerologist establishes your key numbers. A numerologist then interprets the meaning of these key numbers, which results in a complete description of your personal characteristics.

On the basis of Numerology, Gauuri can help you check your compatibility with other numbers. You can also have your Monthly or Yearly Predictions. Also on the basis of Numerology, she can help you choose Car numbers, Locker numbers, etc. and also the names for you Personal or Business use, depending upon the individuals Name and Date of Birth.

Send your Name and Date of Birth, through email, for free basic analysis.

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