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Shankh Vaastu
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Staying in a place with free flowing energy, is very much essential for over all well being of a person. It is also very much essential for business places like malls, shopping complexes, offices, etc. to have a free flowing energy to attract success and abundance. However, not all these places can have such free flowing energy. Obstacles in free flow of energy can be man made or natural.

Shankh Vaastu is a ancient traditional way of correcting the energy flaws in the house, offices, factories, commercial complexes, etc. by the placement of Shankh.

Through the placements of Shankh in a particular way, we can block negative energies from entering the home, office, commercial complexes, etc. and enhance positive and peaceful energies to flow into the space.

Shankh Vaastu also helps correcting the existing negative energies of the place home, office, commercial complexes, etc. to attract success, happiness, abundance and opportunities and much more.

Gauuri helps, in rectifying the existing negative flow of energy, through proper placements of Shankh, without any structural modifications.

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