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Sujok Therapy


This alternate therapy has been evolved by south Korean scientist Prof. Park Jae woo. This therapy when compared to other method of alternate treatment, sujok is simple & uncomplicated. It can be compared with the best self cure methods known to man today. Su Jok is a natural therapy of curing various chronic and acute diseases by the stimulating of pressure points on or hands and feet. Su Jok, is purely natural and has no side effects, like allopathy system of medicine.

The name SUJOK speaks about the therapy.The word “SU” in Korean means the hand and “JOK” means foot. The points / areas are composed in a very strict anatomical order, reflecting the structure of the body (human or animal) in a diminished form on them ( Hand and Feet ).

Contact Gauuri for Su Jok healing like Head disorders, nervous system and psychiatric disorders, eye disorders, ear, nose and throat disorders, cardio vascular system’s disorders, lung disorders, digestion disorders (nausea, constipation, diarrhea etc.), urinary system and gynecological disorders, etc. and training classes.

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